Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Due to the help of my big sister I managed to find a few lovely blogs to follow. Sorry I am very new to the old blogging business so am a little bit unsure how it all works. I just thought I'd dive in and have a go! I am really enjoying writing mine but wondered why anyone would want to look at it, but after looking at others I think it's maybe just a basic instinct...called nosiness!

I really loved looking at this blog which is really open and honest as well as having fantastic interviews and insights into some lovely artists. I feel really inspired by her attitude and her work, (thank you).

I'm also pleased to add a fellow Sheffield lass to my list of people to follow!
It is another really good blog and has lots of info and I have joined her Being Creative Group which sounds great too. Will keep you posted.

I feel like entering a whole new world...yikes!

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