Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Busy, excited, busy,excited!

Had a very busy busy day. Had a meeting earlier, made 42 cards for an order and delivered them, made endless other cards, business cards and stickers for an event tomorrow and also a tooth box for a boy and checked all my stock to make sure everything is ready to go tomorrow! I have got to be at Murrayfield at 8am for a corporate event and have to be there until 6pm. (This has freaked out poor JT as I cannot do the drop-off or pick-up or take her to Rainbows. This has never happened before so Daddy is going to be busy!....He has to learn!!)

 Hopefully it will all be worth it. I have popped to the bank and got lots of change so I am hoping for lots of sales. These things are great but a little frustrating as I go crazy making lots of things and then don't know which will or won't sell and there is usually one person who asks for a random type of card or image!

I don't think it will make enough for the camper van J would like but fingers crossed for a good day.

Just got to fetch the monkey from her playdate. Hope she's had fun, I will hear all about it while I do a little bit of ironing and then my work here is done!

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  1. Good luck tomorrow!
    Hope J & A survive without you!

  2. Me too! I'm leaving instructions for every eventuality!!