Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Laminating is fun!

After living in fear of my new laminator for the last couple of weeks I forced myself to give it a go. What a joy...laminating is great. I now feel like my friend Andrew who is the official laminator in his office and wants to laminate everything!

I have put a photo of my lovely new laminated keyrings which will now be going to all my customers as well as friends, family and all my loved ones.

I have had a funny couple of days. I spent the morning collecting and dropping off work yesterday. I have got more orders from two shops which is great. One shop who had said no were very efficient at giving me my work back, the other just gave me a shrug and told me they had lost my cards...nice!

This whole selling business is so up and down. It's so lovely when people want your work and it really inspires and energises me. And I am handling the rejection much better than I had expected. I don't mind if people say no but wish some of them would be a bit more respectful about doing it. My main concern is whether my business is going to make me a living and how to really make sure it is a success.

Art is such a weird thing, it's so personal and I have been so pleased with the positives I have had and know some people really love my work but how do you reach all the other potential Sam Miller art lovers out there?? Just keep trying I guess. Will keep you posted.

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