Monday, 16 April 2012

Back to school!

Hi, hope you have had a great Easter. We were visiting my family in Sheffield which is always lovely. Had a bit of drama with a poorly grumpy husband but apart from that had a great time! We even ended up at the Workhouse at Mansfield and now my daughter likes to pretend she is in the workhouse which is great as it involves cleaning, sweeping the floor and getting other tasks done!!

She is back to school tomorrow so I am getting back into work mode myself. I've got lots of things coming up, sales events, orders to complete, shops to visit, new stock to make. It's all very exciting but also a bit scary as I only have from drop-off at 9am to collecting time at 2.30 to get everything done before I have to jump back in to being Mummy again which ususally involves lots of fun and lots of dancing but no chance of doing any work. Any tips on maximising time would be gratefully recieved. Maybe if the workhouse theme continues I can get JT on to printing and packaging!!

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