Thursday, 17 May 2012

Featured here, featured there...

My Princess has made it into 2 lovely treasuries today. Take a look, but be warned they may make you want lots of sweet things!!

See the treasury here by Kartinka by Katrine

I have also found one of my images featured on another blog.
It looks great but I must admit I don't know if it says anything good or bad about my picture, if anyone can translate that would be lovely.

It does feel so special for people to be choosing my work to show on their pages. I feel like my work is slowly spreading around the world and being admired and appreciated, just in a small way but it matters in a big way to me.

I am also really enjoying looking at different blogs and sites and have joined a few new groups. It's all very exciting but is usually all done in quick moments when I can sneak a minute or two to look, but there are a few people I'm starting to follow. I'll add more about them asap. Lots of other exciting news to come too but I'm afraid I do need my bed so it will all have to wait for now. Do please come back soon though website launch is tomorrow and will come with a tiny fanfare and a few special treats!
Night nightX

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