Friday, 11 May 2012

Business booming!

Hi Everyone,
It's been a bit of a crazy week since I got back from our trip. Orders have been rushing in from my etsy shop and I had my first sale on Folksy. I had kind of given up on Folksy as I wasn't sure how it's searches worked and didn't think you would ever actually be seen BUT someone happily found my wee man so I shall keep going with it! I got a lovely email to thank me for it so that was good.

I also had to do a whole set of new tshirts and babygros for the Cove as they only had one left. It feels great to know people are choosing my things and they are selling out! I left a few bags there too so hopefully they will get snapped up too...fingers crossed.

It has been hectic though fitting in all my orders, looking after J and also working elsewhere. I run an art group (which I love) with people with serious mental health issues each week. I have been there for about 12 years and really enjoy it and in an ironic way it keeps me sane as it means I have to step out of my bubble each week. It's also really inspiring as I love all the work that is produced and I really try to encourage people to develop their own styles, it's so great seeing people develop their confidence and individuality. One of the people who has been in my group since it began, said a while ago that I should be doing more of my own work and it really stuck with me and I think about that sometimes when I see how much artwork I am producing now. I really hope my business grows as it makes me so happy making things but it also needs to make us happy financialy. It's definitely going the right way so I will just keep on...& on...

It was the Big Bike Breakfast at J's school today, organised by  Sustrans  J was so excited that she woke us up extra early and she just couldn't wait so we were the first ones there! You got a free breakfast if you cycled to school today. I'm afraid I didn't actually cycle as I don't actually have a bike but I did push J most of the way so I think I did earn my snack. It was great seeing all the kids and the parents and lots of yummy croissants!! I also got a good game of Red Red River and Hide and Seek with J and her friends and everyone was quite hyper by 9 o'clock so I am now fit and ready to go for the rest of the day!

My plan is to sort out my business Facebook page and also get my head around Pinterest today. I did find 10 Top Tips for a perfect Pinterest page on a wonderful blog by Natalie Butterworth so I shall be following her tips wisely!

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