Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Cute canvases!

Hi, I had a great meeting this morning with my very good friend Julie Read. We have started having monthly business meetings to support each other in our new quests. It's a really good way to judge what we've done each month as it's almost like handing in homework! Julie's really supportive and very good at helping me plan my next move and has come up with lots of suggestions about other places to try and sell my work. Got lots to do in the next month!

Julie's business is an online advisory service for people hoping to get in to art college and has lots of useful ebooks and stuff. Do take a look, it's a great idea, I would have loved it when I was applying for art college...oh so long ago.See Julie and her site below!

I also found some very cute tiny little canvases while I was out, only 7cm X 7cm. I think they are adorable and have spent the evening painting them, as they are so small it feels really relaxed and I think I might be addicted, I managed to get 7 done between moments of making tea, bathtime and bedtime and plan to buy more! This is one below and this is actually slightly bigger than the actual size. They are my new favourite things.

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