Tuesday, 22 January 2013

SamMillerUK Facebook Frustration!

Hi, I'm just having a think about how to boost my facebook likers and noticed lots of people doing competitions and give-aways so I'm thinking of going down that route as I am finding it hard to get over 100 which does seem a bit lame!

It is also frustrating as I have created pages for  Edinburgh Pop-Up Markets and Colinton Market-Place which I maintain and we get a fantastic number of folks looking. I also made a page for LB With Love just a few days ago too and that already has almost as many likes as me which is fantastic but I really need to change my marketing strategy for my own page...focus!

If anyone has any hints or tips on how to cheaply and effectively up your likes do let me know and I will announce my give-away very soon.
Thanks, SX
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  1. Hi Sam :)

    I've found that my likes have just gradually gone up over time... i think networking of any description helps and also popping by other people's pages and liking them - if you leave a message on their wall saying you've visited i find people often reciprocate.

    My likes shot up one time when a very popular page shared a photo i'd posted but i didn't really 'make' that happen, i was just happy it did!

    I did do a blog giveaway before Christmas and that brought quite a few likers too - it wasn't on my blog though but one with a few more readers and regular giveaways so maybe you could give that a go...

    Hope this helps!

    Natalie xx

  2. Hi Natalie,
    Thanks so much for your comments, I will definitely do the giveaway thing as it does seem that people respond really well to that.Although I'm not sure what to give away yet!

    I've just got into the whole networking thing over the last couple of nights and I love it now. I was a bit shy to like and comment on things before but now I'm really enjoying it and do feel it's opening up a whole new world. Have you done the hiking thing? It's very addictive!

    Thanks so much for responding and I hope things are going well. Your blog is looking amazing at the moment, very lovely and professional.
    Take care,
    Best wishes, Samxx