Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Facebook Excitement...hiking and liking!!

After wondering what to do to boost my Facebook likes I accidentally stumbled into a Hike last night! I was a bit lost at first, wondering what to do, but what fun?! Had a great time jumping around looking at other people's pages and leaving comments and likes all over. It did feel a bit like I was in a three-legged race trying to go as fast as possible but stumbling a bit and I really did feel like I had been running around as it got into one big frenzy. I will definitely do it again and it did increase my likes a lot!

Basically, you are given a starting time and then you can tag your business page on the hike status post, you then look at other people's tags on there and go to whichever one's you fancy. If you like them click on their like button and leave a message.

Tips from an amateur hiker (Thanks to Bizzy at Hike your Likes)!
Go to the Hike page and just jump to any of the links you fancy.
If you like the page, click on the 'like' button at the top and then post a message and your own link.
Do the liking from your personal profile  or it doesn't count, but then tag your own page by putting @ before your name so it is then highlighted.

I did pop off for a sedate stroll at one point, that was more leisurely, almost like a small treasure hunt. You just follow a list of links and visit each page, see what you think and leave a message. Then pop back and leave your tag when you've completed them all.

Both are simple and fun and did let me see lots of lovely things and meet a few people, led me on to new unexpected and exciting pages before my mind exploded with creativity!!

I think I'm an addict now, I plan to do lots more hiking as I do like this virtual way of doing it so I don't get cold, wet and muddy! So if you fancy a stroll or a hike I hope to bump into you there!

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