Friday, 18 January 2013

New Year, New start!

Happy New Year 2013!

I've been spending the New Year sorting out my home after weeks of piling up boxes of stock everywhere. It's great getting everything sorted and I have almost completed my very least favourite task of sorting through all my papers. Unfortunately my filing system for the last few months has meant simply throwing any receipt, letter, or sketch into a huge stack and then hoping they would sort themselves out or just disappear, so it's good to feel they are now in some order!

I have also now got a cleverly concealed designated storage area, rather than boxes all over the house! See if you can spot the storage! feel very neat and tidy now and couldn't be happier with my lovely lovely new light!

Ready now for a fresh start and to start making lots of new work. Last year things flew along in a blur as our new Pop-Up business took over but this year SamMillerUK is going to be my priority.

It is weird loking back though and thinking how I ws tentatively starting out last year, wondering what would happen, and now I feel like I've got 2 established businesses. It's a bit overwhelming at times but I am loving it. You can follow both these adventures on Facebook too /sammilleruk and /edinburghpopupmarkets

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