Sunday, 20 January 2013

Plans for now!

Hi, just thought I could check in before I put the little monkey to bed! We have just got to read a poem she has to recite for Scottish week, 'Twa Leggit Mice' ! It's not easy for a Sheffield lass to help with the Scottish grammar particularly as my seven year old keeps telling me just to speak English as my attempt at sounding Scottish is so embarrassing!!

Just thought I'd tell you the plans for the week. We have to sort out some licencing problems with the Council for our events,there just seems to be a lot of money and red tape involved but hopefully no big issues...fingers crossed.

AND I have finally decided what I want my own family portrait to look like and now have a chance to get on with it. I love doing them for other people but have had a bit of a block about my own, but after doing one of 2 people dancing with their Granddaughter, I realised this was the perfect format for my own as JT spends her whole life getting Mummy and Daddy to dance with her, so watch this space!

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