Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Making Appointments?

Called in to another shop today that I would love to get my cards into. I got a bit anxious but gritted my teeth, smiled and said my bit. Unfortunately the manager wasn't there so I left a bit of info and a couple of cards.  I have got a lot of work done this afternoon though as I've been distracting myself so that I can't keep watching the phone for a response!

I do like the spontaneity of just calling in and I do feel like people are more open when they meet you and see your work but it is a little bit frustrating if you don't get to see them at all! So I'm not sure now if my top tip is still to just go in OR if it should be to call ahead first...!?!

I've left my 'wee man' which has been my big hit at lots of places so fingers crossed.

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