Monday, 1 September 2014

Website and GIVEAWAY!

Hi Folks,

Sorry it's been a while, I have got into a habit of doing all the other social media things and forgetting all about my blog. My new September resolution is to do this regularly by following my new mantra...Must do blog, must do blog....MUST do blog...MUST do blooming blog!

I also have a new website which I don't know if you have visited yet, I'm really pleased with how it looks and I can quickly update my products which is great. I just need to add more to my shop and it's all up and running.

I also have a blog on there so plan to use both as it seems a shame to lose this one altogether, so do please visit there too.

Also if you follow me on twitter @sammillerart I am doing a GIVEAWAY when I get to 1000 followers, a FREE Portrait of the winners family, so do follow me if you'd like to win, or just for regular Sam Miller updates.

My Family!

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