Thursday, 2 August 2012

...and breathe!!

Hi Everyone,
Just a quick note to let people know I am still here. Just incredibly busy, getting ready for the Edinburgh Festival. Organising and taking part in pop-up markets, sorting out where I'm actually going to be in the Festival, plus entertaining a gorgeous energetic chatterboxing 6 year-old throughout the school holidays!

All I can think is that this must be the busiest and craziest part of the year so after this everything else will seem calm and easy...I hope!

Things have been totally up and down, going from complete panic and stress to excitement and calm anticipation. I do truly believe that things happen for a reason and will turn out for the best in the end so am optimistic that all the confusion and changes will be worth it.

Just a short explanation, I booked a stall throughout the Edinburgh festival but the place was dug up by the Council so it was supposed to move and we would also possibly do different days, the new venue is actually a much better location. Throughout the last few weeks the venue and days have changed over and over, back and forth. I'm not sure how the lady organising has kept her sanity but she seems calm and is positive we will be sorted fully by next weekend!!

When I do know I will announce it and if anyone is in Edinburgh do please come along and say hi. If you do come near you may well be dragged in to look by my very eager young helper, if this does happen you will be compensated with a Sam Miller keyring, I promise!

I will definitely be at Colinton Market-Place this Saturday 4th August if anyone is around.
Please do also take a look at my facebook page for regular updates too.

Anyway just wanted to take a minute to breathe and get my blog up to date. Hope you are having a great Summer. Take care and hope to have some definite news soon X

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